Welcome! to Dr. Jack Dempsey’s Crazy Pages

Hello to Friends Around the World and Elsewhere!

***Click to hear something of the Cretan lyra, old wild mountain music ***

(because this too is a place to be free)

I’m Dr. Jack Dempsey, an American writer, historian, editor, producer and professor:

Are You a writer? A reader? A developing public speaker?

A citizen-scholar to whom the past is always present?

Poet, pundit, philosopher?

Feel Welcome to Post, Discuss and Dialogue 

about Anything Here or Original from You!


The mountain you see up there with its red corn-poppy flowers

is Mount Dikte, on the Lasithi Plateau in central Crete—

and this is a place for us to share anything we wish to,

from facts and dreams to observations and intuitions,

understandings of existence:

where I for one can speak from the “less scientific” soul and brain,

around and/or beyond AncientLights.org

(a life’s work in language, in history, in film and facts and fables)…


So here’s to creative sharing on a planetary scale

[Remember! Think! Play! Question! Teach! Show Off! Vent! Envision!]

and (naturally) be as creative as you like!

More to Come!


What in the world ya thinkin’ of

Laughin’ in the face of Love?…

Why on Earth are we here?

Surely not to live in pain and fear!

(John Lennon, ‘Instant Karma’)


Paleolithic Hand Stencils, Borneo cave



About Dr Jack Dempsey

Always good to hear from you! A life-long freelance writer/editor, Brown University Ph.D. (in Native & Early American Studies)---novelist ("Ariadne's Brother," "People of the Sea"), historian and biographer ("New English Canaan," "Thomas Morton," "Mystic Fiasco" and more), producer ("Nani: A Native New England Story"), Book Editor/Public Speaking Coach: Bentley University Adjunct Assistant Professor of English, Media Studies & Communications (Best Part Time Prof 2010). Latest works? Scientific nonfiction on the lunar/solar calendar of ancient Minoan Crete---"The Knossos Calendar: Minoan Cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the Soul & Political Power" (Iraklion, Mystis 2016), based on lectures drawn from "Calendar House: Clues to Minoan Time from Knossos Labyrinth" (2011). Come and enjoy multimedia resources including filmed Native American interviews at ANCIENTLIGHTS.ORG
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5 Responses to Welcome! to Dr. Jack Dempsey’s Crazy Pages

  1. Ray Burns says:

    Dr. Dempsey
    My uncle flew cover for Red in WW2. The was a member of the “Checkertail Clan” 325th FG 318th FS. Also known to the B-24’s as the “Little Friends.That was a great interview with Red! Great stories.The drawn of the P-51D Checkertail #63 “Jan’s Little Joe” was a plane he flew on his first combat mission. Check out his story on http://www.wingman1945. com Thanks Ray Burns.

    • Hello Ray! Thanks for writing and I’m really glad that you as a relative of a “little friend” enjoyed the WWII web page and interview with Red—meeting him was the experience of a lifetime. Looking forward to checking out your page, and no doubt I HAD a Dad because of your uncle and many others! What a small world that he flew “Jan’s Little Joe,” because my Dad and Mom had twins later and they were named—Janice and Joe! All the best to you, sir—-JD

    • By the way, Ray—I’m afraid that link you added did not work or “go anywhere….”

  2. I as, as many, come from good Puritan stock. I have been reading a lot and find myself totally absorbed and fascinated by the 17th century colonial American experience, from the Mayflower (and before) to and through the Salem Witch Trials – particularly in the context of the English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution. My ancestors founded Salem prior to and with Endicott. This dialogue needs to be had of the forces that led to the English Civil War and beyond. Reformation Merry old England vs reformers. Roger Williams etc etc. I am a devout Christian “fundamentalist” but having said that – I am not afraid of all the truth where ever I can find it. I like your site (sight?).

    • Welcome! Given your historical interests, if you haven’t yet explored the life and work of Thomas Morton of Merrymount, I think you have a feast in store! Morton was on the cutting edge of the conflict(s) you mention, and he knew how to laugh (and write) besides—-Lots to enjoy about him at Ancientlights.org my main site for historical works! Very best regards, JD

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