RED REMEMBERS: An Oral History of WWII Air Force Heroism

Here, my friends, is an invitation to really get to know what our forefathers went through in one theatre of World War II—namely the young men of the Fifteenth Air Force’s 464th Bomb Group, whose B-24 Liberator crews flew harrowing missions day after day into Hitler’s Third Reich.

This new web page features dozens of rare photographs and original documents about their experiences from start to finish—including a filmed interview with Staff Sgt. Clarence “Red” Eudaily, the original Flight Engineer of my father’s first air crew. Together one day in August 1944 over the oil refineries of Pardubice, Czechoslovakia, my father and Red Eudaily performed acts of heroism together that saved their aircraft and brought them both the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Their stories are both hair-raising and inspiring—So, come and explore!

Yours truly,

Dr. Jack Dempsey

Nose-gunner Jack Dempsey (right), Flight Engineer Red Eudaily (left) and a crew-friend with 'Pistol Packin' Mama" of the 15th AAF/464th Bomb Group, at Pantanella, Italy 1944. The photo from my father's collection is the only one of "Mama" with gaping holes from German flak.



About Dr Jack Dempsey

Always good to hear from you! A life-long freelance writer/editor, Brown University Ph.D. (in Native & Early American Studies)---novelist ("Ariadne's Brother," "People of the Sea"), historian and biographer ("New English Canaan," "Thomas Morton," "Mystic Fiasco" and more), producer ("Nani: A Native New England Story"), Book Editor/Public Speaking Coach: Bentley University Adjunct Assistant Professor of English, Media Studies & Communications (Best Part Time Prof 2010). Latest works? Scientific nonfiction on the lunar/solar calendar of ancient Minoan Crete---"The Knossos Calendar: Minoan Cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the Soul & Political Power" (Iraklion, Mystis 2016), based on lectures drawn from "Calendar House: Clues to Minoan Time from Knossos Labyrinth" (2011). Come and enjoy multimedia resources including filmed Native American interviews at ANCIENTLIGHTS.ORG
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3 Responses to RED REMEMBERS: An Oral History of WWII Air Force Heroism

  1. Jim says:

    Thank you for posting this. Red is my Great Uncle, but we always called him Uncle Toots. My family lived in Denver for a while and one Thanksgiving we went to his old house in Montana (Dillon) and we setup a camera and just let him tell stories. Thank you so much, I will share this with my six kids tonight. If you do not mind I am going to try and download them onto a CD for our geneology for my Family. You have preserved a piece of my Families history. We have heard of his adventures through others in the family, but he was good for some stories a s well. I remember as a young boy watching home movies shot in the plan of the plans he flew. I now live in Ohio and we have taken our kids to the Air Force museum and showed them the plans he flew and the awards he won.


    Jim Eudaily

  2. chris torrez says:

    hi my name is chris,my grandfather (Bill torrez) was a top turret gunner/flight engineer with the 464th BG 779th SQ1943 to looking for more info or pictures of his service.

    • Hi Chris—Thanks for writing about your grandfather in the 464th BG. As I understand it, the 464th Bomb Group was four Squadrons with different colored letters/”call letters” on their sides: the 776th (Red), 777th (Yellow), 778th (White), and 779th (Black). B-24s in my Dad’s 776th Squadron bore a red letter on the fuselage (for ex. “Pistol Packin’ Mama” wore and could be called “Red Y”). So if you see a photo of a B-24 with the 464th’s tail markings, a black letter on the plane’s side could suggest when you’re looking at a 779th. If you study photos of group actions, black is hard to tell from red in b/w format, but red letters often had a white outline. You’ll find some 779th facts/references in all the books listed at . Greg Krenzelok’s great B-24 site includes 779th info ( ). And you’re welcome of course to share stories that have come to you! Best Regards, JD

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