58 Seconds of a Giant’s Good-Humored Humility

Noam Chomsky 2011

Not sure who’s done more in our lifetime for every kind of human freedom—So what does Noam Chomsky think he knows?

Always wondered how NC would put his answer to The Question—


—but felt sure it would go to say this!

What we don’t know about anything can be overwhelming. But his humor seems to say the universe has a laugh of relief in store for anybody who really works on their learning—forget about it, kid, no one can know much, but try again soon!

In grad school Orals I had to choose & discuss 200 “crucial” books. Problem was, just to choose them meant reading the library! Forget about it.

It’s all in the trying. Long live this exemplary man—


About Dr Jack Dempsey

Always good to hear from you! A life-long freelance writer/editor, Brown University Ph.D. (in Native & Early American Studies)---novelist ("Ariadne's Brother," "People of the Sea"), historian and biographer ("New English Canaan," "Thomas Morton," "Mystic Fiasco" and more), producer ("Nani: A Native New England Story"), Book Editor/Public Speaking Coach: Bentley University Adjunct Assistant Professor of English, Media Studies & Communications (Best Part Time Prof 2010). Latest works? Scientific nonfiction on the lunar/solar calendar of ancient Minoan Crete---"The Knossos Calendar: Minoan Cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the Soul & Political Power" (Iraklion, Mystis 2016), based on lectures drawn from "Calendar House: Clues to Minoan Time from Knossos Labyrinth" (2011). Come and enjoy multimedia resources including filmed Native American interviews at ANCIENTLIGHTS.ORG
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