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PEOPLE of the SEA: Life Beyond The Catastrophe Cycle

Welcome to the once-“savage,” long-silenced Sea Peoples heritage: long, luminous, & liberating— STORY: A wild-hearted prehistoric (Minoan) man “Sweet Wine” fights to go forward by the light of his visionary sister—killed as they strove to resist the conquest of their people’s … Continue reading

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CHARLES F. ‘CHUCK’ HERBERGER, JR.: IN MEMORY & HONOR of a GREAT AMERICAN SCHOLAR         In the early hours of Saturday January 14, 2017, my friend and fellow-scholar Dr. Charles F. “Chuck” Herberger, Jr., passed away after … Continue reading

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WE GOT IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME? TUNE IN THURSDAY DECEMBER 8TH, 3-5 PM EST, 6-8 PM PACIFIC! Why was the first and longest period of early Western civilization so successful? How did Minoans of ancient Crete organize their advanced … Continue reading

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TUNE IN WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9TH, 3-5PM EST, 6-8 PM PACIFIC! for a rich radio forum about the late great BARBARA MOR—ground-breaking poet, historian, and radical agent of Earth’s and human healing—with Dr. Jack Dempsey, on host Karen Tate’s distinguished program … Continue reading

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MINOAN TIME: New Theories, New Assets

  With not a few global friends, I share the aim of bringing Minoan ways and values into our living. With a 2000-year record of successful civilization (not to mention their longer positive influences), Minoans should be the starting-point among … Continue reading

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PROFIT: 3 of 4 People Will Try Something Else

      Since August 2011 when I published WOOP: We the Workers of the World Walk Out On Profit, the people who do the world’s work every day (You) have continued to work harder, get poorer and become seemingly more powerless—because, … Continue reading

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Ancient Minoan Calendar and our Heritage of (yes, relative) Peace

Happy Summer Solstice! Announcing publication of a small (50pp) color-illustrated booklet The Knossos Calendar: Minoan Cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the Soul and Political Power, published in English and Greek versions by Mystis Editions: The Knossos calendar / Mystis Description. … Continue reading

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