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 So Revel-up your May Day in any way you can. Observe, meditate, listen, talk, envision—and get ready to act. It’s not so far ahead that our best energies will roar to live more than ever. This time, we cannot let a violent, greedy, lying and overstuffed minority stand any longer in the way of our next leap. Joining hands again, it’s time to “rise” like a renaissance to our own greatest human endowment, power and potential—compassionate creative (r)evolution. Continue reading

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Mortality is the mother of transcendent vision. When life puts us truly face-to-face with death, the scales of our workaday illusions fall from our eyes, and we realize (too often too late) what was and is truly important. This is … Continue reading

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‘Epiphany’ of Earth Mother: Sanctity, Well-Being & The Garden

         In desperate and disrespectful days, acts of memory, healing and affirmation can evoke the revolutionary. Where people are demoralized—numbed beyond caring for the present, or the future—a sudden epiphany lands like lightning, showing forth the life yet alive … Continue reading

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58 Seconds of a Giant’s Good-Humored Humility

Always wondered how NC would put his answer to The Question— WHAT HAVE I LEARNED? —but felt sure it would go to say this! What we don’t know about anything can be overwhelming. But his humor seems to say the … Continue reading

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Frontier Fool—America’s Priceless ‘Master Bubble’

Happy May Day—and in Massachusetts, Happy Thomas Morton Day too! Here’s a hope that you’ll raise a rowdy Maypole, join hands with neighbors, kick up your dancing feet and hoist some “excellent beer” to your singing lips, to celebrate 392 … Continue reading

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“Drink and Be Merry”! Hope you enjoy my 1992 film Thomas Morton & The Maypole of Merrymount: Disorder in the American Wilderness 1622-1647, which by actual request is now complete (1hr47mins.) at YouTube. A low-tech production on a shoestring budget … Continue reading

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What The Freak Was That! 3 UFO Observations

  Sooner or later, almost everybody sees something in the sky, night or day, that they cannot explain. I have seen three Somethings—and I offer these tellings always to invite explanations or points of view that might show where I’m … Continue reading

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Happy Thomas Morton Day (NOT)!

Alles In Ordnung! This May Day is the 390th birthday of America’s first English poetry (posted on the Maypole of 1627 on Massachusetts Bay). And as usual there were no remembrances or celebrations in honor of the poet, Thomas Morton … Continue reading

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FREE COPY GIVE-AWAY of “People of the Sea”

Take A Chance on an Adventure in Fresh Facts and Win A Free Copy from Amazon of  People of the Sea: A Novel of The Promised Land! LINK:

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VIDEO, ‘New History, New Hope’—Why Minoans and Sea Peoples Matter To Us

Hope you’ve enjoyed the 9 pages here of a Photo-Journey through this story’s ancient Mediterranean world! Here’s a link to a short new talk on YouTube, “New History, New Hope”—on why it’s important that the story we tell ourselves about … Continue reading

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